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About Mike Miccio

Michael M. Miccio, RPT
Bringing Harmony to the World, One Piano at a Time

Really! For more than twenty years, Mike Miccio has been the piano technician for hundreds of recordings by artists as diverse as Garrick Ohlsson, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Gerry Mulligan, Madeleine Forte, Vinson Cole, Ruth Laredo, Gabriela Imreh, Sarah Davis Buechner, David Allen Wehr, Cynthia Raim, Bruce Barth, Ben E King, and many more. These recordings are enjoyed by people all around the world.

Mike has been a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild since 1974 and has passed their most rigorous tests at very high levels. For example: The tuning exam is a 4 hour exam, testing all aspects of a tuning from accuracy to stability and requires that the examinee pass all 9 sections at a grade of 80 percent or better. Mike has passed all nine with scores from 91 to 100, and that is before he tested for and was accepted as a concert technician with what is now called Yamaha Artist Services Inc., the New York concert department of Yamaha Corporation of America. The concert department of any manufacturer requires that you continually refine your tuning voicing and regulating skills. Mike is confident that he is at the top of his craft and continues to seek better techniques and learn more each year by participating in as many continuing education classes, seminars and technical conventions as he can.

Mike has also taught many local and regional piano technology classes and has been invited three times and has taught at the national level in the Piano Technician's Guilds yearly Conventions at Kansas City, Nashville and Rochester.

In addition to all this, Mike has the honor of having been included in the book by Stephen H. Brady, RPT, Under the Lid, The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician. In the summer of 2008 Mike was also spot lighted in an article in Yamaha Corporation's Accent magazine, entitled "Mike Miccio, still learning after all these years" celebrating his 20 years providing top notch concert service.

In a magazine revue of the CD recording of Chopin's Polonaises and Impromptus by Garrick Ohlsson Richard Halley stated, "The Bosendorfer Imperial grand has a commanding aural presence which amply serves Ohlsson's interpretive intentions. Technician/tuner Michael Miccio is credited in the liner notes, and he deserves it; the chords ring with unusual brilliance -RH"

Mike also has an extensive private clientele servicing all brands of pianos in homes, on the stage and in the recording studio. The following list is a sample of recordings with tunings and technical service provided by Mike.

Garrick Ohlsson Debussy, Etudes, Suite Bergamasque
Chopin Vol 1 Sonatas I, II, & III
Chopin Vol 2 24 Preludes
Chopin Vol 3 4 Ballades
Chopin Vol 4 Scherzi
Chopin Vol 5 Polonaises and Impromptus
Chopin Vol 6 Nocturnes
Chopin Vol 7 Waltzes
Chopin Vol 8 Masterpieces and Miniatures
Chopin Vol 10 Etudes
Chopin Vol 11 Mazurkas
Beethoven Sonatas No1, No 23, No 30
Beethoven Sonatas, Pathetique, Moonlight, Waldstein
Haydn, London Piano Sonatas

Garrick Ohlsson and Jorja Fleezanis
Stephan Wolpe, Sonata for Violin and Piano

Vinson Cole and Patrick Stevens
Strauss, Duparc, Puccini, Nin

Madeleine Forte
Claude Debussy, Images I & II

David Allen Wehr
Beethoven, 32 Piano Sonatas

David Allen Wehr & Cynthia Raim
Rachmaninoff, Suites for 2 Pianos

David Allen Wehr and Galina Heiftez
Delius Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Tony Bennett & KD Lang

Tony Bennett
The Art of Romance

Ruth Laredo
Beethoven 3 Sonatas

Angela Jia Kim
Mozart Scenes from Childhood

David Buechner
Mozart Piano Sonatas

Joseph Francis Lamb, 19 Rags

Marina Piccinini & Andreas Haefliger
Prokofiev, Jolivet, Boulez

Robert McDonald and Karen Dreyfus

Mordecai Shehori
Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Chopin-Liszt

Arturo Sandoval , Chick Corea
Flight to Freedom

Rusty Cloud
Walkin the Night

Gabriela Imreh
Liszt: Soirees de Vienne

George Gershwin (as realized by Artis Wodehouse)
Gershwin Plays Gershwin, The Piano Rolls
George Gershwin, The Piano Rolls, Volume Two

Zez Confrey (as realized by Artis Wodehouse)
Piano Rolls and Scores

Jelly Roll Morton (as realized by Artis Wodehouse)
The Piano Rolls

Tod Machover, Robert Shannon
Bounce, Chansons D' Amour

Gerry Mulligan

Andrea Brachfeld
Remembered Dreams

Ben E. King
Shades of Blue

Pamela Flemming
Fearless Dreamer

Ron Thaler
True Story Band

Michael Pope
Walk your Dogma

Joe Utterback
Night Train

And many many more...

© 2008 Mike Miccio
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